My hamster Fluffy

hamster, apple

Her favorite treat is apple


Fluffy in her plastic ball


This is Fluffy wondering what she is looking at

I really wanted a pet and now I have one, my hamster Fluffy. She is sweet and she loves  sleeping. In the evening I give her a piece of apple or a piece of carrot. She stufs all the food in her cheek pouches and looks like a square.  She sometimes puts her food in her little plastic house. She has a tunnel to explore. She once made a nest in the tunnel, it was funny. We sometimes put her on the sofa. She likes to escape from the sofa. She runs very fast so we have to keep up with her. Especially daddy. When my dad was away, me and my mum put her in her plastic ball because  she can easily escape from us. We have to clean her cage once a week. I really love my Fluffy and she loves me.

Written by Marusa (7 years old)