Yep, summer is great, giving my husband and daughter a great opportunity to show off with some of their creations. For instance, here are some  manifestations of iced coffee drink recipes that Milan and Marusa added to the Yummy Coffee and Food portfolio lately. Milan really did have a fantastically inspirational day because all the recipes are the result of his experiments and all iced coffee drinks are absolutely pure heaven for real coffee lovers. Has he just discovered his new talent? Time will tell!


In the last few weeks I haven’t been as productive as I would hope but with Milan’s enthusiasm the work on my web site hasn’t stopped. I am in the last stage of my pregnancy and I feel like walking in space – every step is totally exhausting and apologies for my words but I’m now really fed up with all the little problems of the last 9 months. Don’t take me wrong, we are totally excited and I’m really looking forward to our new baby, but my age has probably taken its toll.


Well, I do some work every day, trying new recipes, writing new posts, but it just doesn’t flow. I am not focused on anything any more. Incidentally, in the last few weeks our sofa has miraculously and suddenly become really beautiful and an object of my great desire!


I feel guilty when I have to say NO to my beautiful daughter’s request to play. She is such a wonderful girl and she understands much more than I could possibly expect from a child her age. She does her best to help me with everyday “must do’s” and I am so grateful for that.


So, my life has been a total mess recently but I know that this will change very soon :)


Oh my, I really love this sofa…


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